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Frequently Asked Questions About Restaurant Insurance

Insurance for restaurants and the food industry is different from
other types of business insurance. Here are some common questions.

How much liquor liability insurance do I need?

Liquor liability is a complicated matter. If you serve, manufacture, or sell liquor at your establishment, you may need the following coverages in case if someone becomes intoxicated and is injured or hurts someone else: Assault and Battery Coverage, Defense Costs Included, Employees Included, and Damage Definition includes Mental Damage. Ask our expert about your situation and what you need to protect your business. Call (800) 331-4700.

What is ordinance or law coverage?

If your building needs to be rebuilt after a loss, this insurance covers the expense of construction to rebuild it to code, that many not have been covered when the building's value was determined. This will also cover the cost of demolishing and removing a part of a building that needs to be rebuild after a loss.

What is umbrella insurance?

Umbrella insurance is extra coverage that will protect you over the amount of what your liability insurance covers. If your liability insurance limits are $1 million and you are sued for $2 million, your umbrella insurance will cover the difference.

What other special coverage does my restaurant need?

Every business in the food industry is different. That is why Invensure has a team of experts to help guide you through the best insurance for your business.

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